Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Three Meatball Recipes


Three Meatball Recipes:


For The MeatBalls

Minced lamb meat  - 100g
mixed herbs  -1/4 tsp
bread crumbs -1 tbsp
beaten egg  -1 tbsp
salt -to taste
pepper-to taste
shredded cheese - as per your taste

For Quick Marinara sauce:

chopped onion-1 tbsp
Tomato-11/2 -2
garlic cloves -2
salt   -to taste
chili powder-to taste
Mixed herbs-1/4 tsp
oil -as needed


  • Blend in tomatoes,garlic cloves, salt, chili powder into a fine puree and keep it aside.

  • In a bowl mix minced meat,salt,pepper, mixed herbs, beaten egg, cheese and bread crumbs very well.

  • Make them into small balls

  • Heat some oil in a pan,and shallow fry the balls on both sides.

  • Once it's been cooked, to the same pan add chopped onions ,saute for a few seconds and pour in the blended tomato puree.

  • Cook until the raw flavor goes off and add in the mixed herbs.

  • Now when the marinara sauce is ready add in the meatballs and coat them very well with the sauce .

  • Cook for 2 minutes and serve the meatballs over Spaghetti or noodles


For Meatballs:

Minced lamb Meat -100 g

Ginger garlic paste -1/2 tsp

beaten egg -1 tbsp

chopped onion-1/2 tbsp

salt-to taste

chili powder-to taste

Garam masala -1/8 tsp

For South Indian Curry Sauce:

Fried onion -2 tbsp

Tomato -1/2 

salt-to taste

chili powder -to taste

Coriander powder-1/4 tsp

Cumin powder-1/4 tsp

Garam masala-1/4 tsp

Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp

Cashew powder-1 tbsp

oil -as needed


  • In a bowl mix minced meat , ginger garlic paste, beaten egg, chopped onion, cilantro, salt, chili powder, garam masala very well 

  • Make it into small balls and shallow fry it in hot oil and cook until it turns golden brown on both sides and remove it and keep aside.

  • Blend fried onions, tomato, ginger garlic paste ,salt, chili powder, coriander powder,cumin powder, garam masala and cashew powder into a fine paste adding some water.

  • To the same oil add in the blend mixture and cook until the raw flavor goes off and oil oozes out.

  • Add ½ cup of water to it and cook until it comes to a nice boil, add in the cooked meatballs and coat it very well.

  • Cook for another two minutes and serve over Rice or Poori


For Meatballs:

Minced Meat -100 g
salt- to taste
pepper -to taste
chopped ginger - 1/4 tsp
Chopped garlic -1/4 tsp
beaten egg -1 tbsp
Soy sauce-1/2 tsp
Cornflour-1 tbsp
chopped spring onion greens -2 tsp

For Chinese Sauce:

Chopped spring onion whites -2 tbsp

Chopped spring onion greens-1 tbsp

chopped ginger-1/2 tsp

chopped garlic -1/2 tsp

soy sauce-1 tsp

chili sauce- 2 tsp

Tomato sauce-11/2 tbsp

corn flour-1 tbsp


  • In a bowl mix mince meat, salt,pepper, chopped garlic cloves, chopped spring onions, beaten egg,soy sauce,corn flour.
    Make it into small balls.
    In a pan heat oil and shallow fry the meatballs until golden on both sides.Remove and keep it aside.
    To the same oil, add chopped ginger ,chopped garlic and spring onion and saute it.
    Then add soy sauce, red chili sauce, tomato sauce and mix it well.
    Add some water and cook until it comes to a nice boil.
    Then add in the meat balls and coat it very well over the sauce.
    Mix 2 tsp of corn flour in water and add to the pan  for the sauce to get thickened.
    Serve it over Fried Rice /Noodles


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