Thursday, February 11, 2021




A super dinner recipe with chicken that's just delicious !!


  • Boneless chicken breast  -1

  • (Cut into butterfly and thinned)

  • Egg-1

  • Shredded cheese- 1-2  tbsp

  • Chopped cilantro-1 tbsp

  • Salt-to taste

  • Pepper-to taste

  • Pomegranate juice-½ cup

  • Apple cider vinegar-¾ tbsp

  • Butter-1 tbsp

  • Chili flakes- to taste

  • Garlic cloves-2 shredded

  • Wheat flour-1//4 cup

  • Lemon juice

  • Chicken stock

  • Olive oil


  • Take a chicken breast and cut into a butterfly and thin the meat.

  • Sprinkle salt and pepper over the chicken on both sides as needed

  • In a bowl take an egg, add the shredded cheese , salt, pepper(required for this egg mixture) and chopped cilantro and mix it well.

  • In  a plate take some wheat flour and add some salt and pepper(required for the flour) to it.

  • Coat the chicken with the wheat flour and dip it in the egg mixture and coat it thoroughly .

  • In a skillet swirl around some oil and butter.

  • Once heated, put the chicken breast and cook it on a medium flame.

  • Once the bottom gets cooked well and roasted ,Flip it over the other side.

  • Cook until the other side also is well roasted and remove the chicken to a serving plate.

  • Pour in the pomegranate juice and deglaze the pan.

  • Also put in the shredded garlic,some chili flakes ,¼ cup of chicken stock, apple cider vinegar,salt.

  • Cook until it reduces into half.

  • Meanwhile in a bowl mix a tbsp of wheat flour to the butter and then add it to the sauce.

  • Stir it continuously so that lumps don't form.Cook until the sauce thickens.

  • Finally garnish with some cilantro.

  • Pour the sauce over the roasted chicken .

  • Chicken Franchise is ready to serve.



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