Wednesday, October 17, 2018


A child’s cry #Me too

With Me too campaign going in a full swing there are few facts shared here on child sexual harassment.

  • Children cannot make story about abuse.
  • Children will not be able to disclose everything that happened to them even if it might be their parents, due to fear, guilt & discomfort.
  • Most Children who are sexually harassed are abused by someone they know.Sexual violence by strangers is rare.
  • Sometimes it's hard for a child to understand what is happening around that age.But when they realise as they grow up, they develop a strong aversion & hatred towards the person.
  • Child's dress or actions will no way hold the reason behind harassment
  • .Child sexual harassment does not indicate only rape:it includes inappropriate talk, touch and exposing to porn.It is really important for parents to observe of any physical signs and behavior of their child.
  • A young child's mind is like freshly laid cement.If anyone steps in it the imprints remain forever.So we have to take care of our children with great care and caution to protect from abusers.

When adults are coming out of the nutshell and sharing their incidents of harassment through #Me too campaign  A child’s cry may still be unnoticed…………

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  1. We need to take utmost care of children. These days nuclear family setup and working parents also failing as they have no options than leaving kids in caretakers hands. In case we choose to do business or work from home it's little difficult thing. Children many a times fail to share cause if time and parents are around maybe the child lacks confidence to confide. It's worrying to great extent


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