Sunday, September 16, 2018



If to term something that is complicated yet simple, mysterious yet apparent, melancholic yet festive then it is called “LIFE”. If to term something that is not bound to outer world, undisturbed by 'because of', and relish bliss and peace within it is called “BEAUTIFUL”

We are envisaged by our creator to self discover ourselves in this exciting life journey and he had not discriminated us by means of gender, religion, caste, nation or race. When Life unveils unlimited possibilities in front of us, it is really important to outbreak the persisting troubles that penetrates deep into our lives by staying away from outward disturbances, discarding judgmental outsiders and not being slave to the situations.

Rather let us hold a heart that could forgive ours and others mistakes. Let our thoughts be always rejuvenated with positivity and our actions inspire others. Let us zoom into the blessings of our life and face the fear and adversities with an undefeatable faith. Let us groom us with unbound Love & compassion with no room for ego, jealousy and hatred. Let us live aligned with Mother Nature to ignite our inner soul and illuminate others lives. We have to experience every moment of life by expecting the unexpected, thus to lead us to pure bliss & peace because “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL


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