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Chettinad nattukozhi roast,/Chettinad country chicken roast

Chettinad nattukozhi roast/Chettinad country chicken roast

Chettinad cuisine is a cuisine from chettinad region of Tamilnadu in IndiaNattu kozhi /Country chicken  is cooked in chettinad style 
and taste delicious as a side with Rice.


Chicken large cut pieces-7
salt                                  -to taste
turmeric                           - 1/2 tsp
garlic cloves                    -3
ginger                               -3 clove size
whole red chili                 -6 -7
shallots                             -5
curry leaves                      -few
lemon juice                      - 2 tsp
Rice flour                        -1 tbsp
oil                                     -to shallow fry

Preparation time:5 min+1 hr marinade
Cooking time     :15 -20min


  • Blend shallots,whole red chili,curry leaves,ginger, garlic and lemon juice into a fine paste.

  • Marinade chicken with the blend paste ,salt and turmeric.For at least 1 hour.Finally sprinkle rice flour evenly and mix it.

  • Heat oil for shallow frying.

  • Fry chicken keeping the pan covered.

  • Turn to the other side and cook until chicken is well done.

  • Serve as a side with Rice.

Serves :4

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