Friday, January 23, 2015

Dealing with Picky eaters

Dealing with Picky eaters

                Some   people think that parents are to be blamed for making a child a picky eater that they didn't get introduced to a wide variety of foods during giving solid foods.Others think that Children have high taste sensitivity of certain foods and they crave for different foods according to the nutrient needs of the developing body.
  • Bottom line: No parents grows up a picky eater.

Tips for Dealing Picky Eaters:

  • In general Eating should be stress free.
  • Involve the Children in either choosing or cooking a meal.They would love to enjoy the food when they are involved in it.
  • Take them to Market /Grocery stores .Involve them in picking and looking  veggies/fruits .They would become curious to try the food made from what they picked.
  • Make them help in mixing,blending or arranging a meal.
  • Show good role models of good healthy eating child.
  • Try not to bring the most worrying food of them to the table.
  • Its our job to provide wide variety of healthy option and its their job for what and how much to eat.
  • Make a habit of having a family table time at least 4-5 times a week.
  • Kids start loving and exploring food when these tips are being adapted.

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