Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bread paneer Rolls

Grilled Bread paneer  Rolls

Crunchy nuts....cheesy paneer...sweet raisins... Flavored  chaat masala ...rolled in a bread of your choice yum😋


Bread of your choice -6 slices
Grated paneer            -1 cup
Almonds                    -10
Cashews                    -8
Raisins                       -10
Chaat masala              -1/4 tsp
Ghee                        - as needed

Preparation time :10 min
Cooking time      :10 min


  • In a mortar pestle crush the nuts coarsely.Chop the raisins.

  • In a bowl mix grated paneer ,chaat masala,crushed nuts and chopped raisins.Stuffing is ready.

  • Cut the brown edges of the bread slices.

  • With rolling pin roll the cut bread as thin as possible.

  • Place the stuffing like in picture.

  • Roll  the bread  until end and stick  the edges using little water.Do the same for all the slices.

  • Spread ghee over the top.

  • Grill it in electric grill  for 4-5 minute at max.

  • You can also do it in a tawa drizzled with little ghee.

  • Serve with any dip of your choice.
Makes  6

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    Bread Paneer Rolls


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