Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mutton Fried Rice

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Mutton Fried Rice


Basmathi Rice      -11/2 cup
mutton keema      -100 g
chopped ginger     -1/4 tsp
Egg                       -2
cabbage shredded -1 cup
carrot                  -1 finely chopped
onion                  - 2 tbsp finely chopped
Green beans        -4
Green bell pepper -2 tbsp finely chopped
Spring onion        -1 sprig
soy sauce            -1 1/2 tsp
vinegar                -1/4 tsp
ajinomoto            -pinch
salt                       -to taste
pepper powder    -to taste
oil                        -2 tsp


  • In a pressure cooker cook minced meat with salt,pepper,1/4 tsp of soy sauce and chopped ginger with little water for up to 3 whistles until well done.Make sure there is no water when the meat is completely cooked.

  • Cook basmathi rice in 3 cups of water with adequate salt.
  • Scramble the 2 eggs adding salt and pepper.
  • In a kadai heat oil and add the chopped onions and spring onion.

  • Add the chopped vegetables and fry for 2 minutes.

  • Add the scrambled egg  and cooked meat.

  • Mix well and add soy sauce,ajinomotto,salt,pepper and vinegar.

  • Put the cooked rice and mix well.Fry for few minutes.

  • Garnish with spring onions.

  • Serve with your choice of indo chinese curries.

Serves   4-6

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