Friday, March 14, 2014

Leprachaun Trap

Leprachaun Trap

For the eve of St.patrick day,it is believed that Leprachaun(a dwarf sized old man clad in red/green coat !! a type of fairy!!) will visit your home and if you trap him he will fulfill your three wishes to get released.We started of making a trap for him .The idea was to make leprachaun follow the gold coins we spread and fell into a hollow hole.

Things used:

Thermocol sheets -for steps&base
green sheets
poster board-for side walls
straws-for ladders
gold coins
water colors -for rainbow
few leprachaun stickers from dollar tree

How it works:

  • The leprachaun starts following the foot steps and collect gold climbing the ladders.
  • When it reaches the top floor you can see a hollow hole we have built in.Cover it with a thin green sheet with a gold on top.

  • Leprachaun will fell into the hollow hole when he tries picking that gold coin.!!!
  • Make your  three wishes fulfilled trapping the Leprachaun.....
Have fun making it!!!

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