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nandu rasam/crab soup(indian style)

nandu rasam/crab soup(indian style)


Precooked crab     -100 g
onion                      -11/2 tbsp chopped
tomato                   -1  finely chopped
cilantro                  - 1/4 cup finely chopped
garlic                     -1/2 tbsp finely chopped
red chili                 -3
Tamarind paste     -1 tsp
turmeric                -little
salt                        -to taste
Sesame oil             -2 tsp

To roast & grind:

coriander seeds     - 1 tbsp
pepper corns          -1/2 tbsp
cumin seeds           -1 tsp
curry leaves dried  -1 tsp powdered
oil                           -1 tsp


  • In a pan heat oil and fry the coriander seeds, pepper corns, cumin seeds until well roasted. Cool down and grind it into a fine powder.

  • In a kadai heat oil and allow mustard seeds to splutter.add dried red chillies. 

  • Put  the dried curry leaves powder and minced garlic.

  • Fry the chopped onions until translucent.

  • Add the roasted powder  to it.

  • Follow it with chopped tomatoes and cilantro

  • .And then add the tamarind paste.

  • Add the precooked crab and turmeric.

  • Mix well  and pour adequate water.

  • When the soup/rasam comes to rolling boil .Switch off the stove and add required salt.

  • Serve hot as soup or over rice.

Serves  2

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