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Ragda patties

Ragda patties



for Ragda:

yellow peas          -3/4 cup
Dried green peas   -1/4 cup
onion                   -1 cup coarsely ground
tomato                 -11/2 pureed
ginger garlic paste  -2 tsp
turmeric                -1/8 tsp
coriander powder   -21/2 tsp
cumin powder       -1 tsp
garam masala        -1/4 tsp
chaat masala         -1/2 tsp
chili powder          -1 tsp
oil                        -2 tbsp
cilantro                 -to garnish

for patties:

mashed potato         -11/2 cup
bread crumbs          -1/4 cup
cilantro                   -1 tbsp finely chopped
salt                         -to taste
green chilies            -2
black salt                -little
coriander powder    -1 tsp
chili powder            -1/4 tsp
butter                     -1 tbsp
oil                           -little

for topping:

onion                             -finely chopped
tomato                           -finely chopped     
cilantro                          -finely chopped
green chutney                 -as per you need for topping
sweet tamarind chutney   -as per you need for topping
sev/boondi                     -as per you need for topping


Check this link below to make green chutney for chaat

For Ragda:

  • Soak both yellow peas and dried green peas for at least 6 hours

  • In pressure cooker pressure cook each peas separately for a whistle.

  • In a pan heat oil and fry coarsely ground onion until golden brown.

  • Then add the ginger garlic paste and fry until the raw flavor goes off.

  • Pour the pureed tomatoes and cook until oil oozes out.

  • Add in the coriander powder,cumin powder,chilli powder, turmeric, salt.

  • Add the cooked yellow peas and green peas to it.

  • Mix well and pour adequate water .Sprinkle garam masala and chaat masala to it

  • Cook on medium for 10 minutes and garnish with cilantro.

For Patties:

  • Mix the mashed potatoes,coriander powder, salt,black salt, chili powder, green chili, cilantro and bread crumbs well.

  • Make patties as in pic.

  • In a pan heat little oil and fry the patties.

  • Turn the patties to the other side.Add a little butter to enhance the flavor.

  • Slightly press the patties with a  spatula .

  • Remove off from the pan

Arranging Ragda Patties:

  • Make the patties just before serving
  • Place the patties in a serving bowl t.Top it up with the prepared ragda. Add the ingredients given under For topping according to your own taste and choice.Finally sprinkle up with some crunchy boondi/sev.

  • Enjoy the day  having this yummy chaat.


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