Tuesday, October 29, 2013

milk cake/paal cake

milk cake/paal cake


 Milk                 - 1 litre
sugar                 - 1 cup
coconut             - 1 grated
ghee                  - 100 g
vanilla essence  - 1/4 tsp


  • shred coconut and blend it in a mixer finely without adding a single drop of water.

  • In a heavy bottomed pot boil milk and reduce it to half the quantity(500 ml)

  • When the milk reduces to half add the ground coconut mix well.

  • Add the sugar,followed by vanilla essence.

  • Stir continuously adding ghee little by little.

  • cook until the you reach the consistency where ghee oozes out.(below are pictures of different stages )

  • Spread ghee on a plate and spread the mix over it.

  • When its warm, cut it into cubes.

  • Delicious milk cakes are ready !!!

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