Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunscreen lotion for infants

Sunscreen lotion for infants

The biggest question that will be running with all new moms is can we apply sunscreen lotion for babies? Here are few most important tips for your question

  • It is always best to cover up your kid with hat, clothes rather than  applying sunscreen for infants less than 6 months and avoid taking the baby during peak sun hours.
  • If your baby is 6 months or older you can use sparingly little lotion with spf 30.
  • Avoid spray on or powdered sunscreens because it can be easily inhaled by the babies.also make sure it doesnt contain any harmful chemicals like oxy benzone or combination  of insect repellants along with it.
  • Plan a day before you take the baby into sun.have a test check by applying a  little on the baby' s wrist and check for any rashes previous day. If yes then consult your pediatrician for the best selection of sunscreen.if no rashes are found then have a happy outing with your baby the next day  by applying the chosen sunscreen

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