Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Made Sigakai/herbal Shampoo

Home Made Sigakai/herbal Shampoo

Seegakaai/Acacia concinna       -1 kg
javarisi/sago                              -25 g
pachai arisi/raw rice                  -200g
pungangkaai/soap nuts               -50 g
vendhayam/fenugreek seeds       -25 g
pasipayaru/green gram               -100 g
lemon peel                                 -50 g
paneer rose petals                       -50 g
marikolundhu/ Artimisia pallens   -50g
maruthaani poo/henna leaves       -50g
vetti ver/Chrysopogon zizaniodes -50g
avaram poo ilai/senna leaves        -50g
sembaruthi ilai/hibiscus petals       -50g
poondi kottai/soapberries              -50g

How to:

  • Collect all the ingredients above in given quantity from any herbal/grocery stores.
  • Keep them spreaded on a cloth in hot sun for 2-3 days.
  • When the ingredients are completely dried up(the ingredients should be brittle on touching)If not dried up thoroghly leave in sun for another one/two days.
  • Grind it into a fine powder and store it in a clean&dry air tight container.
  • Take a tablespoon or two of it (as necessary for your hair length)in a bowl and mix water as needed .Herbal shampoo is ready to use.
  • It stays fresh up to an year.
  • To know about how to use this shampoo efficiently with home made herbal conditioner click the link below
  • Home made herbal hair conditioner

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