Friday, July 12, 2013

Egg Paniyaram

Egg Paniyaram


Eggs                               -      3
Gram flour                     -      1/4 cup 
onion                              -    1 (finely chopped)
ginger                            -     1/4 tsp (chopped)
Green chili                    -     1   (chopped)
salt                                 -    to taste
chopped coriander        -    little
oil                                   -  little


Beat 3 eggs with flour in a bowl and add required salt,chili,onion, and mix well then keep it aside.

Heat the paniyaram pan add drops of oil 

Pour with a spoon into each shell of the paniyaram pan the mixed egg mixture.

Turn in two minutes to the other side using a chopstick or fork. 

Cook for another two minutes and remove from the paniyaram pan.
Note:- cook between low to medium flame.
Serve hot as a snack

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