Wednesday, July 31, 2013

At Home herbal hair conditioners

At Home  hair conditioners

 When we prefer to be free from chemicals in maintaining hair we can prepare a home made shiakkai/shampoo to cleanse our hair.To know the home made shiakkai recipe click the below link

Home made shiakkai/shampoo

For normal hair

If you have a normal healthy hair then mix 1/4   cup of shigakkai with 2 table spoon of yogurt along with  required water to make a smooth paste.The yogurt acts as a natural hair conditioner to your hair.wash your hair with this home made shampoo  with yogurt conditioner to maintain a silky smooth hair.

For dry hair

In a bowl mix shigakai with thick  coconut milk to make it into a smooth paste and wash your hair regularly.coconut milk acts a conditioner for your hair and eradicates  dryness..

For oily hair

 In a bowl a take 2 tsp of lemon juice and dilute it in water .Add this to1/4 cup of shigakkai and make smooth paste. Wash your hair thoroughy. Lemon juice removes excess oil from  your hair and make your hair look normal.

It always makes your mind and body  feel  refreshing when we take care in an utmost natural way.

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