Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tofu - Health benefits

Tofu - Health benefits

Tofu is a food that is packed  with various nutrients. It has proteins , iron,  calcium ,carbohydrates and has no fat .
Tofu can be made at home or it is available at stores too. It is made by curdling soy milk using nigari. It is a very subtle tasting food or you can also say a bland one. Since it has the ability to absorb any flavors it is used in sweet/savory flavors.

Tofu is a wonderful protein source .Vegetarian can get the essential proteins as same as meat eaters(because meat is said to provide all essential  proteins)by consuming tofu in their regular diet.  People who suffer from lactose intolerance /any other food sensitivity to  dairy products can have soy milk and Tofu as the best substitute for milk and Paneer(Indian cottage cheese).So it can also be said as a vegan friendly dish. Tofu is an amazing source of calcium . It is also said to have isoflavones in it which reduces the risks of cancer and heart diseases.

There are variety of forms in which Tofu is available those are just majorly differentiated with the level of moisture content in it. Say soft silken Tofu is high in moisture content compared to extra firm tofu. You can opt for any choices of Tofu you need  here are  a few recipes below to help you in using tofu in your regular diet

Scrambled Tofu
Tofu Bhurji
Tofu Paratha
Tofu idli
Tofu chukka
Tofu vada
Turkey Tofu clear soup
Tofu Canapes

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