Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweet and sour tilapia fish fillet

Sweet and sour tilapia fish fillet



for marinate :
Tilapia fillet               -1
kashmiri chili powder-1tsp
cumin powder            -3pinch
turmeric powder         -1 pinch
salt                             -to taste
oil                               -3 tbsp

for sauce
Onion                             -1/2
Green pepper(capcicum)-1/2
garlic                               -3 cloves(finely chopped)
ginger                              -1inch(finely chopped)
chili paste                        -1tbsp
tomato sauce                    -2 1/2tbsp
brown sugar                     -1tbsp
salt                                   -to taste
oil                                    -2tbsp


  • Marinate fish with salt, kashmiri chili powder,cumin and turmeric powder .

  • After 10 min heat  3tbsp of oil and fry the fish and keep it aside.

Heat the same pan add 2 tbsp of oil and add finely chopped garlic.ginger .and onion.

  • Fry until onion color changes and add chopped green pepper .

  • Fry for few minutes and add chili paste.
  • And add brown sugar,


  • Add  tomato sauce/ketchup , little water,salt and then cook for few minutes .

Then pour into fried Fish.

  • Serve the sweet and sour fish filet with Rice

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