Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ragi Porridge(Sweet&Spicy version)(kelvaragu kool)

Ragi Porridge(Sweet&Spicy version)/kelvaragu  kool


Ragi flour  - 1 cup
water          - 4 cups


For sweet version:

milk            -3/4 cup
sugar           -2-3 tbsp.
raisins         - few to garnish


For spicy version:

buttermilk     -3/4 cup
salt                - to taste(optional, since pickle is salty)
onion            - 1 tbsp
pickle           - 1/2 tsp of your choice
sev                - to garnish


  •  In  a pot boil 2  cups of water.

  • In a bowl mix ragi flour in 2 cups of water.

  • When the water in the pot starts boiling pour the ragi flour batter to it stirring with the other hand.

  • Keep stirring and cook until the porridge thickens and the ragi changes nice brown color.

  • Separate the porridge into equal halves to make sweet and spicy version.

For sweet version:

  • Mix the milk, sugar and raisins to the ragi porridge  and serve the sweet ragi porridge

for spicy version:

  • Mix the butter milk,salt,pickle,onions to the ragi porridge and serve the spicy version of porridge with garnished sev.

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