Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to apply sunscreen lotion

How to apply sunscreen lotion

Applying sunscreen lotion everyday is one of the important care that should be done in your skin care routine. Every morning after bath apply sunscreen lotion with the SPF that meets the day's need. To know how to choose your sunscreen lotion check the following link

Choosing Sunscreen Lotion

The best answer for the question which to apply first moisturizer/sunscreen lotion? it should be sunscreen lotion because it should be in contact with the skin for best results.
  • Take sufficient cream on your left palm and put dots of sunscreen lotion  all over the skin  .

  • Gently spread it with your fingers in anti clock  wise motion all over until the lotion completely dissolves with the skin

  • Give 5 minutes gap to apply your moisturizer.
  • Always expose your skin to sun after 15 minutes of application  to protect your skin from sun with sunscreen.
  • Unlike moisturizer the sunscreen lotion should be applied frequently in a day as per the need.

These  simple tips would give a better skin care  from sun.

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