Monday, March 18, 2013

Cream cheese Broccoli Dip

Cream cheese Broccoli Dip


Broccoli                      -12 0z(350g approx.)
cream cheese                     -8 0z(230 g)
cheddar cheese            -8 0z shredded
sour cream                  - 8 oz
salt                              -to taste
pepper/red chilli flake-to taste
basil leaves                 -1/2 tsp


  • In a blender blend broccoli florets into tiny particles(do not make a paste)
  • In a bowl mix cream cheese ,sour cream, salt, pepper, basil leaves thoroughly.

  • Add the broccoli florets,11/2 cup cheddar cheese and mix well

  • Microwave for 4 minutes stirring in between
  • Finally add  the remaining cheddar cheese

  • Microwave for 2 minutes when you need to serve

  • Serve as Dip
Serves 12-15

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