Tuesday, March 5, 2013




Wheat flour             - 2 cups
salt                          - to taste
warm water             - 1cup
oil                            - 1 tsp to apply over the dough
Ghee/oil                  - to drizzle on while making chapathis


  • Take a wide mouth bowl mix wheat flour and salt well.
  • Add warm water to it and knead the flour slowly into a smooth dough(water may reduce or increase in need depending upon the quality of wheat flour.)

  •  Apply oil all over the dough and cover it with damp cloth.
  •  Allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • Make dough into equal sized balls

  • Dust it in a wheat flour.

  • Start pressing into circles of equal thickness(neither too thick nor thin)

  • Heat tawa and put the chapathi over it.

  • Flip it once you started noticing bubbles.

  • Cook until the other side turns little brown dots and flip it.

  • Rub little oil/ghee on top and  gently  press with the spatula.
  • It starts puffing up like poori.

  • Turn to other side and cook for  few seconds.
  • Chapathi is ready to serve with any veg curry/non veg curry accompaniment.

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