Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skin daily care routine

Skin daily care routine

A healthy glowing skin is what every one love to have but its really important to give dailycare apart from taking healthy food intake.
Here are basic care that you  have to follow for your skin.


Get ready  every night with your cleanser(that best suits your skin),warm water, towel.Wet your skin with warm water and gently apply the cleanser all over your face.Give extra care on oily areas like nose and forehead.Rinse with the hands/sponge.Now blot your face with a towel.
On the morning refresh your face with cool water/toner.

Moisturizing & Protecting:

Moisturizing your skin every day after cleansing is imporatant as it helps skin to get soft & smooth and acts as a barrier to that replaces natural oils.Choosing moisturiser that best suits your skin is a trick.Do not apply any make up immediately after applying a have to go ahead to protect your skin applying a good sunscreen lotion.To know the best needed sucnscreen lotion for you follow the link below
Give a wait time of atleast 10 minutes to apply your make up.

More care:

Apart from every day cleansing,moisturising and protecting it is necessary to scrub,exfoliate the skin once in a while and applying facial packs helps you have a clean,soft and healthy skin

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