Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swimming skin&hair protection

Swimming skin&hair protection

Swimming is a great fun time and a good excercise for body.But the effects of chlorine in poolwater to the skin and hair is a headache to all.Few tips below will help you to get rid of this trouble.

  • Always apply  liquid paraffin oil /lacto calmine onto the skin exposed to water.
  • Do apply sunscreen water proof if you  are in an outdoor pool.
  • Take shower in  clean water before getting into the pool.
  • Always put a swimming cap to avoid hair getting worsened of chlorinated  water.
  • Take a shampoo bath in clean water immediately after getting out of the pool.Add 2tbsp of lemon juice with the your shampoo and mix well and apply on your hair to remove the chlorine smell.
  • Liquid parrafin on skin helps your skin from getting adverse effects of chlorine.
  • You should apply after swim moisturizers/moisturizers because skin tend to loose its oil and become dry because of chlorine.
Follow the simple tips and have fun swimming.

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