Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Match sticks star

Match sticks star

Things needed:

match sticks - 2 boxes
Thermocol sheet
Felt paper


  •  Cut thermocol  and the felt paper of desired colour in the same size.
  • Apply glue all over the thermocol and stick the felt paper over it and allow it to dry.
  • Now take a match stick ,apply glue  place it at the top centre leaving a little gap from top.
  • Take the next stick glue it and place it on right next to the first stick in a way that the top of second stick is just below the  match head of the first stick and continue sticking six sticks in the same pattern.

  • Similarly repat the pattern on the left side of the centre sti
  • Repeat the same on the left side for six sticks This makes one v of a star.

  • Now like in picture  stick the next matchstick angled with the end matchstick of  the lastdone v side.

    Below pics will demonstrate to finish the star

    you can stick any picture at the centre if you wish too..


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