Monday, November 26, 2012

Rava / sooji Pongal


Rava / Sooji  -1 cup
Mung dal      -1/4 cup
Pepper corn  -1 tbsp
Cumin          -1tsp
Ginger          -1 inch
Green chilli  -1
Hing             -1/4 tsp
Salt               -to taste
Ghee             -2 tbsp
Curry leaves -few


  • Heat a pan dry roast the sooji and keep it aside.Heat a tsp of  ghee and add mung dal roastand then tranfer into cooker .

  • In that cooker add the right amount of water and cover it  and cook for 4 whisles.

  • Heat  the ghee in a pan add pepper corn
  • once it splutters add cumin ,ginger ,curry leaves,hing and green chilli fry it for a minute.

  • Then add 3 cup of water .Once water is boiled add sooji little by little simultaneously mixing well.

  • Immediately add the pressure cooked mungdal and mix well 
  • cook for another 2 minutes and then cover it. Switch off the stove .

  • After 5  to 10 min open it and serve with sambar or coconut chutney.

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