Friday, September 7, 2012

Selecting Shampoos

Selecting Shampoo

Shampooing your hair frequently is to remove all dirt,excess oil and dandruff (if there).   How to choose a shampoo that best meets your need?Just by choosing a top brand shampoo will not make your hair
look great.Also you have to keep in mind the fact textureeof hair changes to season .so one shampoo that suits you may not suit the other season.Now first raise the following questions yourself
  1. Is your hair virgin ?(no colouring, straightening, ironing done)
  2. Are you free from dandruff?
  3. Is your hair curly or straight?
  4. Is your hair limpy?
  5. Is your hair oily or dry?

  If you say No to 1. then here is your tips:

Once your hair has been toned to coloring or straightening creams you can no more use the normal have to choose the specific shampoos that promises of maintaining your coloured or straaightened hair and same applies for conditioner too.

 If you say Yes to 1. then here is your tips:

If your hair is curly then obviously your hair shaft should be dry in nature because the oil will find difficult to flow into the curls than in straight.There are lots of products which is designed so specific for curly hair but if you are looking to keep your budget then choose a shampoo with hydrating quality to avoid the dry look.
If your hair is straight and free from dandruff  get a shampoo with normal hair .If your hair has dandruff then choose a dandruff shampoo and a dandruff conditioner.
If your hair is limpy then it tends to be oily naturally so you can choose a clear mild shampoo that suggests for daily use and you can even avoid using conditioner and use a comb to brush your hair in water after shampooing.
If your hair tends to get tangled more then look for a shampoo that
supports detangling.
If your hair has dandruff apply a dandruff shampoo that contains zinc pyrithone and if that doesnt work try getting a shampoo with ketoconazole.Never try using a dandruff shampoo when your hair
is free from dandruff.
There are more products form differrent brands that promises you to make your hair look voluminous,shiny,anti frizz and so on but be wise to choose that  best suits your need ,your budget and your hair.And always check if your shampoo has a conditioning quality with it and if not get a conditioner according to the shampoo you choose dont mix and match it which may spoil your hair texture
Hope these tips will help you friends

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  1. ya, ur tips r very usefull .. hope from now we can be aware of our hair. thanks deepa


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