Friday, August 3, 2012

Virudhunagar paratha(virudhunagar parotta)

Virudhunagar Paratha


Maida - 3 cup

Salt - 11/2 tsp

sugar - 11/2 tsp

water - 2/4 cup

oil - 11/2 cup


1.Mix all the ingredients above except oil and make a soft dough

2.Divide it into 12 equal sized balls

3. brush oil all over the balls and pour the remaining oil(1 cup only keep 1/2 cup seperate)and allow it to rest for atleat 3 hrs,

4. After 3 Hours roll the ball into a thin layerFold the spread like fleets of a sari/(u can also say like making a paper fan)

5.make it into a circle like in the below picture

6.Again press it into a bigger circle using the roller.

7.Add generous oil in the hot dosa pan and make parathas turning both sides frequently until its roasted on both sides

8.You can also deep fry it in oil too and is called oil parotta or ennai parotta

9.Serve with any choice of veg or nonveg curry

Serves: 4-5

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