Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunscreen lotion abouts


Lot many questions go around using sunscreen lotion.And the question thats quiet common is do we need sunscreen lotion to be applied daily and the answer to this is YES.
Then how to chose the best  per your need?

  • If you are a regular at home person the suncreen wtih spf(Sun Protection Factor) less than 30 is enough

  • If you are a person who travels a while and stay at indoors the other time you can use a sunscreen with 30 -50 SPF 

  • If you have a job that has high sun exposure then choose a Sunscreen with SPF greater than 70


  • If you go for water outdoors then use a water resistant sunscreen(not a water proof)

  • But remember any sunscreen will not be more effective after 5 keep applying frequently

How to apply?

  • Take in your palm little sunscreen lotion
  • Apply dots all over the places where your skin gets exposed
  • Do uniform circular motion (anticlock wise)and spread all over so that the skin absorbs well
  • Apply atleast 10 minutes before you are getting exposed to sun
  • you can apply for kids over one


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