Saturday, August 11, 2012




Idli rice                 -       4 cup

Uraddhal              -         1 cup

Fenugreekseeds    -          1/2 tsp

Salt                       -           To taste



  • Soak idli rice with fenugreek seeds and urad dhal seperately in water for atleast 6 hours
  • Drain urad dhal and add 1 cup of water in a wet grinder and switch on the grinder .

  • Slowly add the urad dhal into it and grind until the urad dhal is light and fluffy adding water at frequent intervals(upto 11/2 cups)
  • Remove it and keep it in a large bowl
  • Drain rice  add 1/2 cup water in a wet grinder and switch on the grinder .
  • Slowly add the Rice into it and grind until the Rice is ground smooth and white adding water(upto 11/2 cup)at frequent intervals
  • Pour it into the same bowl and add salt
  • Mix well with your hands .
  • Allow it to ferment for 8 hours(it varies with weather summer it ferments real fast and winter its slow)
  • Mix well with a spoon for a few seconds(do not overmix because the aeration is the reason for soft and fluffy idli)
  • In a idli pot pour water and allow it to boil
  • Simulataneosly oil the idli plate (or put a damp wet cloth over it) and pour the prepared idli batter into it
  • Once th water started boiling place the idli plate into it and cover the pot with a lid
  • After 10 minutes just insert tooth pick into idli so that if it comes clean then the idli is done
  • Serve hot with Sambhar and chutney

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