Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Ebooks or Printed Books

"Today A Reader
Tomorrow a Leader”

Yes!Books are magical things that when held bring great changes within and around us.
Books in whatever format a person uses, they are invaluable tools for learning,providing knowledge,philosophies and entertainment.

Today the question is about ‘Will e-books replace books?”

 E-books are one of the developments in the evolving digital world, invented by a student named Michael Hart from the University of Illinois in 1971.
The biggest advantage of these e-books are it can be used anywhere, anytime and are easy to carry in any number.

Not only that, e books are compact and offer plenty of features to the reader, like bookmarking pages, highlighting with different colors without damaging the pages.
While paper books involve the printing industry, eBooks introduce a new line of business like digitizing and moderating the content.This transformation over the industry puts an end to untold damage to the environment.For example, a huge number of trees would be saved from being cut for paper.Not only that manufacturing of printed books needs 7 gallons of water while eBooks only need up to 2 cups of water.

Also e-book are more budget friendly than printed book saving money for the reader.The low cost provides an opportunity for readers to buy more books widening its usage.

E books have  built in lights that allow the reader to read in dark too.You need not have a big book shelf/ organizer and hence  eBooks are space saving also.

Let me put it into a simpler way with a simple question.When you come across a tough word do you prefer to check its meaning using electronic device  or go take your pocket dictionary to find its meaning?
Here comes the answer, The major “Yes” would be for preferring your electronic device because anyone, any day would always choose comfort, speed and ease of access .
In an eBook just a tap on the word and the definition appears.

Like a coin has two sides, we also have to look on the flip side of eBooks as well.

The biggest universal challenge is disposal of e waste and eBooks add more to that challenge as paper books decompose easily.

Moreover, the radiation emitted by eBooks are harmful to the human body.Most  eBook readers have LED screens which are harmful to the human eyes as they emit blue light.

Green gas emission by the electronic industry is much higher when compared to the printing industry.

The eBook industry is progressing at a fast pace and it is predicted that in 2025 75% of sales would be eBooks. So during this transformation, we also have to get ready to find solutions to problems and challenges posed by eBook evolution.

“Change is inevitable” and eBooks
are going to take a predominant place with readers but as ever  “Old is Gold” and printed books will still be cherished by readers.

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