Thursday, February 7, 2019

Mother India speaks for a cleaner & greener India

Mother India speaks for a cleaner & greener India

Dear Children,

“Each one of you make a difference together we make a CHANGE”
  • ·       Disregard using plastics…that is really choking me!!

  • ·       Spitting is action of making someone feel extremely ashamed. My child, I know you will not do it on me anytime from now.

  • ·       Mommy cannot be happy to see her children hungry and deprived .Plant, Plant and plant even more. So I can give you variety of food abundantly.

  • ·       I can’t let you fall sick by letting you drink unclean water. Preserve water resources by segregating drainage from them

  • ·       Construct toilets on highways and tourist places my child ,because one can’t avoid answering the call of nature.

  • ·       My dear, teamwork always leads to success .Every street form a team to clean your place once every week.

  • ·       I will be glad to see if you can stop littering and place a trash bin in your areas for safe disposal  of waste

  • Mark my words and make to it and that will turn into treasured blessings & priceless gift forever.

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