Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Actions "ACT" too

                              Actions "ACT" too

Adhering to the trivial truth “Our very thoughts turn into words and thus actions” we always encourage our children to speak good words and ensure that their actions are right every now and then.

           But how many times have we also focused on guiding the children  to zoom deeply into the words/actions of other person and conceive the underlying thought (motive) behind that person's  words/actions??

    Illustrations from epic Ramayana will give a much clear picture on why it is crucial?

  • ·       If at all Queen Kaikeyi had the vision to unravel the thoughts behind the words of Mantharai, LordRama would not have gone to forest and King Dasaratha would have lived a longer life.

  • ·       When Ravana disguised as Old Sadhu and seek Bhiksha from Sitaji, had she been able to understand the motive behind it she would not have been kidnapped.

It may be difficult for tender hearts to grasp it initially but  is slowly possible .A  kidnapper cannot influence a child by giving a chocolate/ice cream/toy and a molester cannot trick a child with manipulated words when children is rightly taught Actions may  “Act “& Words  may “Wobble”

Here goes the famous tamil adage,

“கண்ணால் காண்பதும் பொய்
 காதால் கேட்பதும் பொய்
தீர விசாரிப்பதே மெய்”

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