Thursday, November 15, 2018

Home made Ginger garlic paste

Home made Ginger garlic paste: 

Ginger garlic paste is predominantly used in cooking Indian food.Though it is readily available  in stores the flavors are much better when it is homemade.This paste can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2-3 weeks


Ginger           - 1/2 cup (peeled and chopped clove size)
garlic             - 1/2 cup 
salt                 -1/4 tsp
oil                  - 2 tsp

Preparation time: 15 min  


  • In a mixer blend ginger and garlic coarsely.
  • Add the salt and oil to it now and blend again until smooth.(oil is added to avoid the change in color after few days)
  • Store it in a clean container and refrigerate it. Use a clean dry spoon to take the paste for use.
Making Ginger garlic paste ahead ease our work while cooking food  and saves time and money .Moreover  it adds better flavor to our food than the store brought one.

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  1. Ginger garlic paste can be useful for indian cooking. Making it in advance saves lot of time.
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