Monday, September 28, 2015

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Truly being a Mathematician I had never imagined that once a hobby
would turn out  to be a passion. Yes!! And I love it ….To Cook &to serve and
 see those smiles ..nothing could  be equal to that happiness...Then to share
the recipes which  was relished by family and friends via my blog  gives me 
content . My blog has loads of South Indian recipes (both vegetarian &non
vegetarian) which is so unique  for its balance of flavor and nutrients .The
recipes with Country Chicken(or Asian chicken) which is more  healthy
and addictive are available aplenty. For easiness of the readers the recipes
are presented with stepwise pictures. There are also innovative recipes  in
my blog which had given me a chance to win several  food contests with
prize money. Basically me being a foodie  with no specific allergies gave a
try on different cuisines of the world and  with a love to have it again &
again started making in my own kitchen  trying out with my own twists .I
like  to take challenges of cooking ingredients like Tofu ,Bitter gourd…
which is least liked by all  but healthier  and turn out to make a yummy
  & craving dish out of it .The biggest aspiration that keeps me driving   to
be  a  food blogger  is when you hear from people  telling their success on
dining table trying out the recipes from the blog. After becoming a food
blogger I started discovering the more better in me. It led me to complete a
certification course on Nutrition & Dietics to give the best and precise
answers to my readers. The first ever victory of winning  a 50$ coupon for
my Macaroons  recipe from truly was motivating. Followed by
this the recipes of Tofu Canapes, Shroom Lentil Soup, Potato Roast tasted
success in different contests. Then  the most  memorable  and evergreen
victory was when I got a chance to compete in World food Championships 
2014 in Seafood Category with  Orange Shrimp Dumplings recipe which 
were the moments  I would keep rejoicing .

......Seconds before starting(above)....And cooking on the way for almost 2hours...

Though  it didn’t  turn out to be
a story of victory it  had given me heights of exposure  and  a great
learning curve  which has truly mould me to be more better and
innovative cook. Food made with hands of love and great care can win
millions of hearts via happy tummy and praising tongue. The one who
cooks for others according to me is a blessed &blissful soul. And  again if I
get a chance to be out there  that would be a pleasant  news to hear…and
with the previously gained  experience ,lot more of hard work ,and 
blessings of God  I would strive  to put my best possible to be  the winner of 
The First  ever Annual Blogger invitational  Championships.

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