Monday, December 1, 2014

Health benefits of spices

Health benefits of spices

On a visit to Anjappar Restaurant i found  this interesting information on each dine table and would love to share this because it is all about health benefits of the spices that we use in our day to day Indian cooking.


  • Fight against colds and flu and relieves headache.


  • Reduces cholestro and blood pressure and translates into a reduced risk of heart attacks and heart diseases

Black pepper:

  • Improve digestion and promote Intestinal health and translates the taste buds in such a way that an alert is sent to the stomach to increase hydrochloric acid secretion,there by improving digestion.


  • Coriander  is rich in vitamins and minerals.Coriander contains calcium ,phosphorous,iron,few vitamins from vitamin B-complex group and vitamin c.


  • It has favorable effects on brain function and memory.It soothes the stomach,and may help prevent ulcers to reduce blood sugar and increase insulin levels.

Turmeric powder:

  • The turmeric powder works as an antioxidant thus preventing the formation of cancer cells and turmeric is capable of controlling Alzheimer's disease.

Cumin/Cumin powder:

  • Helpful in healing effects on many conditions including nausea,infection,inflammatory problems,auto immune disorders,high blood pressure, cholestrol levels and digestive disorders.


  • Cardamom helps in reducing flatulence and strengthening digestive activities.It activates our appetite by acting on salivary secretion.It is a time tested medicine for nausea,dry vomiting, motion sickness ,vertigo and indigestion in general.

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