Friday, March 28, 2014

Morrocan Chicken

Morrocan Chicken


chicken breast             -1 lb
onion                          -1
garlic                          -3 cloves
ginger                         -1/2 tsp
tomato                       -2 diced
celery                        -3 stalks
carrot                        -2 
zucchini                    -1
chickpeas                  -1 cup cooked
salt                            -to taste
chili powder               -1 tsp
oregano                      -1/2 tsp
chicken stock             -2 cups


  • In a pan saute chicken along with adequate salt until almost done.Remove and keep it aside.

  • Fry garlic,celery,onion,carrots in the same pan.

  • When it becomes tender add cumin powder,oregano,turmeric,chili powder.

  • Mix well and add in the chopped tomatoes.

  • After few seconds pour the chicken stock.

  • When its starts boiling add the cooked chickpeas,chicken and diced zucchini.

  • Cook until the curry is well done.

  • Serve over Rice.

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