Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sun burn remedies

Sun burn remedies

Summer is coming near and the hot sun is going to just give impacts on skin if not taken proper care. Do apply sunscreen lotion
everyday and to know how to choose sunscreen check the link below

Sunscreen lotions

To know how to apply sunscreen lotion check the link below

Sunscreen lotion applying techniques
Inspite of it sometime sunburns happen unfortunately. In that case we feel both physical pain and mental pressure of regaining the skin back. Here are few remedies that soothes your skin and replenish it .
  • Apply the gel from aloe vera plant all over the inflammated skin .
  • Keep yourself hydrated because the hot sun would have obviously left you dehydrated.
  • In a lukewarm water add green tea bags and take a soothing bath.
  • You can also add few heaps of baking soda in water and take a bath.
  • Apply buttermilk over the inflamed skin.
  • Keep your skin moisturized with moisturizer every time after a bath.
  • Give cold compresses on the sun burns.
  • All the above remedies will help you great for mild to moderate sun burns.
  • If it is much severe follow  these remedies along with a physician's advice. 

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