Friday, January 25, 2013





Tamarind  paste            - 1 tbsp
tomato                           - 1
garlic cloves                  -3-4 crushed
salt                                 -to taste
Rasam powder               -1 tbsp
curry leaves                    -few
cilantro                           - few
hing                                -1/8 tsp
sesame oil                       -1 tbsp
mustard seeds                 -1/4 tsp
fenugreek seeds              -few
red chillies                      - 2(optional if  the rasam powder  doesnot contain red chillies ib it)


  • In a kadai heat oil and temper with mustard seeds.
  • When it splutters add fenugreek seeds,hing,crushed garlic and curry leaves.

  • Now add the tomatoes and coriander.

  • Saute it for a while and add  the rasam powder.

  • When tomato becomes little mushy add the tamarind paste and 4-5 cups of water.

  • Cook until it starts boiling .

  • Add salt and garnish with cilantro.

  • Serve as a soup or with Rice.

Serves  6

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