Lachha Paratha

Lachha Paratha



Wheat flour               -  1 cup
water (warm)             -   1/2 cup
salt                             -  to taste
ghee                           -   as needed


  •  Knead the wheat flour ,salt and water into a very soft dough
  • Make into 4 equal size balls(may be 5 too but dont make small sizes)
  • Take a ball and dust it with dry flour

  • Roll into a round sheet and apply ghee/oil evenly on the top layer using a brush

  • Sprinkle some dry flour (this helps to make the layers of the parathe more visible)

  • Now fold the sheet slowly like making a saree fleet

  • Try to extended the folded sheet by pulling from both the corners

  • Roll it into a circle

  • Again press into a round circle layer using a roller

  • Put it on a hot tawa and flip on both sides until it gets cooked applying oil/ghee over it

  • Serve with any veg or non veg curry accompaniment of your choice
Serves   2


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padmaja said...

fleet tech is good..

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