Breast Feeding basics

Breast Feeding basics

Breast feeding is the best part of motherhood and a great way of physical bonding between mom and the baby.But lot many questions and doubts arise during these time with the mother.

Here are list of facts that can clear most of your doubts on breast feeding

• Newborn takes its time to learn latching.

• Do not get distressed feeding your baby every one to one and an half hour during the beginning because your body is in the process of getting adapted to the baby needs and will get set finally

•You need not worry if the milk is sufficient for the baby unless and until the baby is not at  all wetting the diapers which indicates a problem
•Its always best to feed the baby whenever it demands .Do not feel hesitant if it asks in a short duration after the previous feed.Its appetite is increasing according to its growth demands which is called as spurts .It is common during the first 2 -3 months of babys growth

 •Until your baby learns to latch you may feel sore nipple for which you can get over the counter soothing cream for nipples Lassinoh breast nipple cream is goodwhich is safe even if baby swallows.

•If your breast is engorged because of excess milk you can do a gentle anticlockwise breast massage.Pump the excess milk into a sanitized container if you prefer to feed it to the baby later.If you feel more painful consult a doctor

•Eat healthy to feed baby healthy.Avoid eating gas producing foods which may make a newborn colic.

•Make your baby burp after every feeding because it sucks air along with milk.

Enjoy your motherhood by Breast Feeding  Happy Motherhood.

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