Anemia Remedies

Anemia Remedies


Anemia is a blood disease caused due to deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin ,a substance in blood that contains iron and is especially common with women.It can be diagnosed using a blood test for rbc count with the suggestion from a Doctor.If the rbc count is less and is not because of any other diseases and is just because of lack of iron then here are few suggestions that you can add to your diet apart from the doctor prescribed iron tablets are as follows.


Food supplements that help with anemia:

Before you treat anemia with iron supplements and/or iron rich food please remind the fact that iron is toxic if taken in large amounts.Nutrients that support production of red blood cells include vitamin B5  and B6.The list of few foods that helps you to improve the rbc count are as follows

1.almonds  2. brown rice 3.beets 4.beans 5.greens 6.peas 7.Broccoli


Suggestions of foods that can be cooked at home to improve your Rbc count ars as follows
Beet Roti
Spinach dosa(will upload soon)
Broccoli curry(will upload soon)


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