Home made Ginger garlic paste

Home made Ginger garlic paste: 

Ginger garlic paste is predominantly used in cooking Indian food.Though it is readily available  in stores the flavors are much better when it is homemade.This paste can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2-3 weeks


Ginger           - 1/2 cup (peeled and chopped clove size)
garlic             - 1/2 cup 
salt                 -1/4 tsp
oil                  - 2 tsp

Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time     :   15 min   


  • In a mixer blend ginger and garlic coarsely.
  • Add the salt and oil to it now and blend again until smooth.(oil is added to avoid the change in color after few days)
  • Store it in a clean container and refrigerate it. Use a clean dry spoon to take the paste for use.
Making Ginger garlic paste ahead ease our work while cooking food  and saves time and money .Moreover  it adds better flavor to our food than the store brought one.

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Milagu thakkali kuzhambu

Milagu thakkali kuzhambu(Sun berry gravy)

A green tiny fruit  called milagu thakkali(sun berry) from the greens manathakkali keerai has natural healing properties for ulcers like the leaves. This is cooked with garlic, tamarind and spices to make a tangy flavoured curry that can be served over  Rice.


Milagu thakkali      - 1 cup
shallots                   - 1 cup
garlic                      -10-12 cloves
tamarind                 -1 lemon sized ball
salt                          -to taste
chili powder            -11/2 tsp
cumin powder         -11/2 tsp
turmeric                  -1/4 tsp

oil                           - 3tbsp(sesame oil)

To Temper:

sesame oil              - 100 ml
mustard seeds         -1/2 tsp
urad dhal                 -1/2 tsp
fenugreek seeds      -1/2 tsp

Preparation time:30 min
Cooking time     :15 min


  • Soak tamarind (1 lemon sized ball) in  a cup of water for 30 minutes.Take tamarind juice out of it and discard the waste .
  • Discard the stem of milagu thakkali and wash it thoroughly

  • In a blender grind the shallots into a coarse paste.

  • In a pressure cooker heat oil and allow mustard seeds to splutter.Then temper with urad dhal and fenugreek seeds

  • Add the washed milagu thakkali to it and saute well in oil for 2 minutes

  • add adequate salt,chili powder and turmeric and fry for few seconds.

  • Put the garlic cloves to it and saute for another 2 minutes

  • Now put the blend shallots paste.

  • Follow it with tamarind juice and another 3/4 cup of water to it.

  • When it starts boiling sprinkle cumin powder to it and cover the cooker with lid and pressure cook for 1 whistle.

  • Once the pressure goes off open the lid check it for consistency.
  • Serve hot with steamed Rice.

Serves   :4

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Things Needed:

  • Flat board
  • Any plastic bowl
  • Cotton
  • water color
  • cello tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors

For Penguins:

  • Foam balls
  • wiggly eyes
  • yellow black and orange color paper
  • black & white color


  • On a flat surface stick the plastic bowl with open side on the board using a cello tape and glue with cotton all over.

Color blue on few areas to appear like water here and there.
  • Color the foam ball with black color for the black part &white color for the white part of penguin.
use yellow color for beak, orange for feet and black color for feathers


Place the penguins randomly  on the board and glue it.Penguin island is ready !!!!

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Cauliflower Stir Fry(South Indian style)

Cauliflower Stir Fry(South Indian style)

Cauliflower stir fry is a simple South Indian dish that is usually served as a side with Rice and curry variety for lunch.


Cauliflower                       -1 small 
onion                                 -1/2 finely chopped
garlic                                 -1 clove finely chopped
ginger                                -1/2 tsp finely chopped
green chili                         -1 chopped
mustard seeds                    -1/2 tsp
urad dhal/split black gram-1/2 tsp
cumin seeds                       -1/2 tsp
curry leaves                       -few finely chopped
hing/asafoetida                  -1 pinch
turmeric                             -1/8 tsp
salt                                     -to taste
chili powder                       -3/4 tsp
oil                                       -2
cilantro                               -to garnish

Preparation time:10 min
Cooking time     :15-20 min


  • In a pan heat oil and allow mustard seeds to splutter.Follow it with urad dhal, cumin seeds,chopped curry leaves, garlic,ginger, green chili and little turmeric.

  • Add onions and fry until transparent.

  • Add chopped cauliflower and adequate salt to it and fry on high for 2 minutes.Then simmer and cook for 10 minutes stirring for every few minutes.

  • Add chili powder and stir well. Fry for another 5 minutes (or until well done) on low.

  • Garnish with cilantro.Cauliflower stir fry is ready to serve.

Serves 3

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A child’s cry #Me too

With Me too campaign going in a full swing there are few facts shared here on child sexual harassment.

  • Children cannot make story about abuse.
  • Children will not be able to disclose everything that happened to them even if it might be their parents, due to fear, guilt & discomfort.
  • Most Children who are sexually harassed are abused by someone they know.Sexual violence by strangers is rare.
  • Sometimes it's hard for a child to understand what is happening around that age.But when they realise as they grow up, they develop a strong aversion & hatred towards the person.
  • Child's dress or actions will no way hold the reason behind harassment
  • .Child sexual harassment does not indicate only rape:it includes inappropriate talk, touch and exposing to porn.It is really important for parents to observe of any physical signs and behavior of their child.
  • A young child's mind is like freshly laid cement.If anyone steps in it the imprints remain forever.So we have to take care of our children with great care and caution to protect from abusers.

When adults are coming out of the nutshell and sharing their incidents of harassment through #Me too campaign  A child’s cry may still be unnoticed…………

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Palak kootu

Palak kootu

Palak/pasalai keerai is a spinach variety which is rich in iron and minerals. Palak kootu is a mild spiced side dish that goes very well with Hot Rice and Rasam or any tangy gravies. 


palak/pasalai keerai       -1 bunch
shallots                           -4 chopped
chana dhal/bengal gram -1/3 cup
green chili                       -3

To temper:

mustard seeds                 -1/4 tsp
cumin seeds                    -1/4 tsp
hing/asafoetida               -pinch
turmeric                           -pinch
shredded coconut           -11/2 tbsp

Preparation time: 5 min
Cooking time     :  20 min


  • In a pressure cooker add chana dhal/bengal gram with water and pressure cook for a whistle.

  • Wash the Palak/Pasalai keerai thoroughlt.After the pressure go off open the cooker and add the roughly chopped Palak and chopped shallots to it .

  • Simmer and keep it for 10 minutes.Meanwhile in another pan heat oil and add ingredients listed under to temper.

  • Now add the tempering to the cooked palak and mix well .Let it cook for another 1 minute.

  • Palak kootu is ready to serve with Hot Rice 
Serves 3

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Mutton( without bones)   - 150 g
onion                                - 1 finely chopped
ginger                               - 1 tsp finely chopped
garlic                                -1 tsp finely chopped
Green chilies                    -2
curry leaves                      -few finely chopped
cilantro                              - few finely chopped
shredded coconut              -1/2 cup
fennel powder                   - 1/2 tsp
coriander powder              -1 tsp
roasted bengal gram powder(pottukadalai maavu) - 21/2 tsp
chili powder                      -1 tsp
salt                                     -to taste
turmeric                             -1/2 tsp
oil                                      -1 tbsp

preparation time:10 min
Cooking time     :25 min


  • In a pressure cooker cook the mutton adding a cup of water, adequate salt , turmeric for  4-5 whistles( or until mutton is cooked tender)

  • Drain off the excess liquid (this can be used to make non veg soups) .Blend the cooked mutton in a mixer.

  • In a pan heat oil and add chopped ginger, garlic, green chili, curry leaves and saute until the raw flavor goes off.

  • Follow it with chopped onions and fry until translucent.

  • Add the spices and ground mutton.stir well for 3 minutes and add the shredded coconut to it.

  • Cook for another 5 minutes and garnish with chopped cilantro

  • Mutton podimaas is ready to serve.
You can use Mutton keema instead of boneless mutton.

Serves 3

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